Chiropractic as a Health Solution

People do not always realize that chiropractic services can be of assistance when they are looking to maintain or create a healthy lifestyle. All too often chiropractic medicine is only associated with traumatic occurrences, like motor vehicle accidents or sporting upsets, they are not so much associated with healthy living. Although it is true that a chiropractic doctor’s services are often called upon to treat victims of traffic accidents and in fact 33% of medical claims regarding traffic accidents, according to the insurance companies of America, are for the services rendered by chiropractors, these are not the only services offered. There is perhaps no surprize that chiropractors are often associated with vehicle accidents because for a passenger or driver to receive whiplash, an injury that chiropractors are best for dealing with, a vehicle need only be travelling at 2.5 mph, no faster.

Sportsmen having perhaps over exerted their bodies often suffer injuries during practice or competition and these too, are often best treated by chiropractic medicine and often become newsworthy due to the sports person’s fame but once again, these are not the only services that are provided by chiropractors especially by well-established chiropractic facilities like those at Chiropractors Charlotte NC.
The additional range of services that chiropractic facilities can offer are both remedial and preventative but are not so commonly heard of, yet are certainly advantageous to a healthy life, if only they were more widely known of. Obviously the major remedial services which are known as primary therapies, are in high demand but in some instances, especially sporting instances, some of these more dramatic treatments could have been avoided by a less dramatic exercise or stretch regime, recommended for that person’s particular activities. Chiropractors are capable of recommending and advising on such regimes as well as recommending diets that are nutritionally correct for their individual routines.

Other services offered are massages that are of a therapeutic nature and adjustments to bones and joints which can help in relieving undue stress, strain and tensions. It is now known that up to 87% of people suffer from one sort of foot complaint or another yet, these complaints do not usually become evident till later years when they can cause pain and discomfort. A chiropractor is capable of early recognition of these complaints and can, in 70% of cases, provide therapeutic massage techniques that could prevent these pains from occurring in later life.

Many people have probably heard of cases where a spinal adjustment has relieved a person of some aggravating headaches but as well as making adjustments to the spine, which only chiropractors are permitted to do, chiropractors can also make adjustments to other parts of the body, perhaps ankles, wrists, elbows and knees as well as the pelvic and even jaw. By providing adjustments to the necessary bones or joints, a chiropractor can help prevent build ups of tension and stress in those particular areas of the bodies and thereby prevent, more sever and complicated treatments being required at a later date.